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" I am looking for a boy aged 13 to give clothes to "- lady shares

A young lady posted on her Twitter account looking for a boy aged 13 to give clothes to. The reason for this is that she bought the clothes for her younger brother, but her mother told her that she was undermining the brother by buying cheap clothes at Mr. Price. She also mentioned that she wanted to return them but remembered that someone out there might need them. See the post below:

People were hurt on her behalf after seeing the post. Others also shared similar experiences. One lady commented that she bought clothes for her nephew and her brother told her to stop wasting time by buying cheap clothes for his child because he can afford to buy expensive clothes for his child.

Mr. Price Group Limited is a publicly traded retail company based in South Africa.[1] Founded in 1985, Mr. Price opened in 1987 after the owners bought a controlling interest in John Orrs Holdings, whose trading divisions at the time were The Hub and Miladys. 


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