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Thai Fisherman Becomes Millionaire Overnight After Finding ‘Whale Vomit’ Worth RM5.2 Million

A fisherman in Surat Thani, Thailand, spotted a big chunk of 'whale vomit' floating in the water and instantly became a billionaire.

It wasn't until Narong Phetcharaj found 30kg of "whale vomit," commonly known as ambergris, that he began earning thousands of dollars a month.

Wikipedia states that Narong thought it was valuable whale vomit because of the waxy texture and look he saw on television. After that, he had it analysed by scientists at the Prince of Songkla University, where it was found to be real ambergris..

Ambergris pieces were formerly priced between RM15,6731 and RM178,844 per kilogramme, putting Narong's amber to a value of as much as $1.25 (RM5.22 million) on the market.

Everybody was thrilled since none of the locals had ever seen or handled a genuine whale ambergris before, he explained.

The excitement is overwhelming, and I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'm going to sell the ambergris since I have a certificate proving it's genuine.

In exchange for a good payment, I'll stop working as a fisherman and organise a party for my colleagues.

Sperm whales generate ambergris to make big or sharp items easier to pass through. It solidifies and floats to the ocean's surface when the whale vomits it out.

After drying, ambergris acquires a pleasant scent that lasts a long time, in contrast to its initial nasty stench. Due to its great demand in the perfume business, it's a rare find.

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