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Local Businessman Became The "Talk" Of The Town, See What He Did

Ulundi businessman Nhlanhla Mdluli, who has built houses for widows and orphans, has become the talk of the town.

Mdluli's role was recognised in a video that appeared on Youtube, on the page, titled Nhlaka Ndlovu Production.

In the video, Mdluli is seen offering houses to two families, one in KwaNtuli and one in KwaHadebe, an orphan and one a widow.

Speaking to ISolezwe, Mdluli of Dlula Logistics, who lives in Mabedlala Olundi, said that poverty was what made him want to help the families around him.

“Back home I decided that since I already have a company like this, I would not just look at the situation in public and be silent "There are houses that are collapsing, because the parents have died and the children are no longer able to continue, some of the fathers have died while they are still building, so I have chosen to build those houses and complete the remaining houses due to various circumstances," Mdluli said.

KwaNtuli House, built by businessman Nhlanhla Mdluli, has been praised for helping orphans and widows at home.

He said many of the homes he had helped were in his area and would continue to contribute as rural areas were difficult to achieve.

Lucky Ntuli, one of the builders, said he did not know how to thank them for what he had done to them.

“he has done something for me that I will never forget as I am alone at home and my sisters are gone, at home it is like in other homes. The mud houses that were built by the parents and then collapsed, but now here is a three-room house built and completed, and in the end he took me and put me to work in his company thank you very much, ”explained Lucky.


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