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Opinion - For The Past 26 Years, ANC Has Given South Africans More T-shirts Than Jobs.

"For The Past 26 Years,

ANC Has Given South Africans More T-shirts Than Jobs."

OPINION - Political parties need to create good environment for businesses to strive, and conducive for new entrepreneurs to create new businesses, then jobs will be created.

Sadly we tend to think that ANC can create jobs ,its a fallacy, their fat cats are even taking what belonged to the real entrepreneurs.

Lastly, the ANC is not telling people the truth about population growth that needs to be curbed, instead it giving grants that won't be sustainable in a long term.

With this population growth and the technology that is taking over, we are in trouble.


The ANC and other politicians are not telling the truth.

The poor keeps on voting for promises,while the wealthy vote for policies.

They are about to give us one of their most expensive gift since we are not well learned a R22m Flag, a round of applause everybody. Scrap old electricity plants and poor education system with no sufficient teachers, practical school equipment's for labs and even Teachers.

Lastly Ain't that the truth and yet people keep voting them in power i will never understand their logic. They are more corrupt than anything else and would rather let the people get poorer than put people in ministers positions that can actually make a change and actually do their job. Than the people complain about unemployment and housing when they vote for them over and over again and yet no change.

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