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OPINION|Louis Vetton (LV) misappropriated the Basotho blanket costs R180K

Rich Mnisi (high end Black owned brand) translated an African cultural product called Xibhelani, and priced it R60K. Louis Vetton (LV) misappropriated the Basotho blanket (Africans cultural product) and priced it for R180K.

However, people say Rich Mnisi is ridiculously expensive. But they are not saying anything about L.V misappropriating our cultural product and pricing it ridiculously expensive.

Because we as black people have been conditioned and socialised to question the pricing and credibility of black owned brands. But we conveniently buy non black owned products without questioning their pricing and quality.

Did you know that Rich Mnisi reinforced the Xibhelani market (economy)?

By virtue of the fact that there's now a huge demand for Xibhelani, meaning that black people who make Xibhelani are now making a killing.

In closing, we always cry foul when white capitalist capitalize on our African cultural products, but we hate on our fellow own black people when they capitalize on African cultural products.

If we don't capitalize on our indigenous cultural products, then who will?

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