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Meet Multi-Millionaire Nhlanhla Masulubele, 24-Year-Old Logistics Mogul

Meet Nhlanhla Masulubele who is a 24-year-old logistic mogul and the founder of Uhuru Capitis from Kroonstad in Free State, members of the public like to appreciate such success stories and such special individuals in our society who have gone to great heights in order to make a mark for themselves.

Especially at such a young age one has to admire the great feats that he has achieved and this is the same thing that is inspiring a lot of other young individuals to strive to achieve more than they have ever dreamed of, and it is truly inspiring considering the fact that this individual was born in South Africa and he made his wealth and name in the country at such a young age.

His story is impressive enough to give young individuals incentives to get up and try to make something out of themselves, to never give up because they might not even be further from reaching their goals. Most of the time it is just hard but it is better to just push because you never how far you are from reaching your goals, it is such a fantastic thing to gain global acclaim or to have a lot of money because of your creation.

His entrepreneurial journey began at an early age where he actually started by selling books at school from the book he wrote that teaches about money, that is very impressive enough on its own and at such a young age he has already gone to so many countries around the world and even rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous people of our country - the images also been attached to the article and you can observe the whole thing.

We can see through the images that he has enjoyed vacationing in several exotic countries away from South Africa and he purchases expensive designer clothes, he drives a BMW M4 convertible among other cars - it isn't clear how many trucks he has in his fleet at the moment but you can see that he has made quite an impressive Investment portfolio for himself.

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BMW M4 Nhlanhla Masulubele


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