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Opinion| The competition between Drip and bathu to open physical stores will end in tears


I don't know about you guys but honestly, I think the competition between these two BRANDS on opening physical stores in every mall it's going to end in tears.

Maybe am still an amateur in Brand Management and Marketing but I think they should rather INVEST in REINFORCING their online SALES AND CUSTOMER SERVICES. Consumers are no longer loyal to brands like before, so opening a physical store in every city is suicidal.

I mean what is going to happen when their sales drop? How are they going to sustain all the stores and also manage to pay employees? Secondly ppl don't even know yet what they are actually all about, so they can't be loyal to their BRAND.

Yes! The boys are coining it but am anxious that those coins will be exhausted by rent and salaries as time goes on. Rome wasn't built in one day, the hommies must take it easy.

They must actually focus on building their brand perception and loyalty so that they can be able to introduce various products under the same brand and flourish. 👊

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