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Whopping changes in fuel prices from Wednesday, 06 April 2022

Date : 05/04/2022

The department of energy has announced the new expected increase in fuel prices that will happen on Wednesday Midnight.

Petrol 95: increase of R0.36 per litre;

Petrol 93: increase of R0.28 per litre;

Diesel 0.05%: increase of R1.52 per litre;

Diesel 0.005%: increase of R1.69 per litre;

Illuminating Paraffin: increase R2.66 per litre.

The higher increase in the diesel prices is being influenced by the shortage of diesel supply due to lower exports from Russia.

"Russia has stopped exporting because of sanctions over the Ukraine conflict" said the department of energy

Therefore the new prices will be R21.63 for 93 petrol, and R21.96 for the 95 petrol, the price for diesel will be R21.01 with 0.05% of sulphur and R21.24 with 0.005% of sulphur.

It's been a while since car owner have been experiencing the increase in fuel prices month after month, Do you think that this hike will after the changes in transport prices ? share your thoughts

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