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These 2 Companies Aren't Originally From SA, Here's The Country of Their Origin

As everyone probably knows by now, most of the times when we're seeing a certain company or companies on a consistent basis, we normally conclude that the company or companies might be originally from our country.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's not always the case, especially when looking at these 2 popular petrol giants, BP and Shell.

It goes without saying that most South Africans know these two companies, when it comes to BP or Shell, anyone in the country who's driven a car or rode in a taxi, definitely knows these two petrol giants.

These companies have made massive investments in our country and many of their stations can be seen across the county, working 24/7.

Some people have complained that these companies are making a monopoly in our country but those people should remember that these companies employ our brothers and sisters, donate millions to charity, pay billions in taxes and on top of that, have bursary programs to help our needy students.

Now without any further ado, let's checkout where these two conglomerates are originally from, see below:


SHELL was originally founded in the United States and since then, it has expanded its business to many countries around the world including South Africa, the company's headquarters are located in California.


Well this one might come as a huge surprise to many, but it BP was founded in the UK, the company has its headquarters in many in London. Like SHELL, BP has also expanded to other countries.

Contrary to what most people believe or would like to believe, these two companies are doing more for our country than the corrupt ANC. People shouldn't be clouded from reality by the views of RET Gang concerning foreign investments.




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