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Moses Tembe’s Biography and Net Worth in Current Year

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Moses Tembe is a South African who has made a name for himself around the world as a result of his shrewd business decisions. The business entrepreneur was born in Jozini, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and came from humble circumstances, yet he was able to obtain the necessary educational qualifications to succeed in the corporate world. Tembe's excursion into entrepreneurship began with the butchery firm, and like the rising sun, he expanded his horizons to include a number of additional companies that have proven to be extremely successful. It's no surprise that his net worth was recently assessed at a mind-boggling $100 million.

Aside from his own firms, the financial specialist has teamed with others and served on the boards of directors of a number of organizations. Tembe has an interest in the oil and gas industry, is neck-deep in fast food, started out in the butchery sector, and now has a position in real estate, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Profile Summary Of Moses Tembe

  • Full Name: Moses Tembe
  • Year of Birth: 1963
  • Nationality: South African
  • Education: Studied Public Administration and Political Science at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and Financial Management at Caltex Business Management Programme (UCT)
  • Net Worth: S100 million
  • Parents: N/A
  • Height: NA
  • Occupation: Entreupreneur
  • Years Active: N/A
  • Net Worth: S100 million

Moses Tembe Was Born 58 Years Ago

The parents of Moses Tembe, a multi-award-winning South African businessman, have never been revealed to the public, however it is widely assumed that he was born in 1963. Tembe is in his late fifties, according to this. His exact date and month of birth, however, are unknown. According to documents, the investing specialist was born in the KwaZulu-Natal province, namely in the remote settlement of Jozini.

He spent the majority of his formative years in the Umkhanyakude District Municipality, which is located on the main highway to Mozambique. His house is located to Pongolapoort or Jozini Dam Lake, which is currently one of South Africa's most popular Tiger fishing spots.

We also don't know if the South African multimillionaire was raised as a lone kid or if he had siblings because his background is unknown. One truth about his early life that is widely known is that he came from poor circumstances, and that all of the wealth and flamboyance that we see today are the result of sheer hard work and determination. The businessman now spends the majority of his time in the Umlazi area of Durban, where he has made his house.

Tembe is a Public Administration and Political Science Graduate

Moses Tembe's early academic history is nowhere to be found on the archives, maybe because his early life was not lived in the public view. He is thought to have completed both primary and secondary education in the town where he was born. His pursuit of academic greatness led him to UNISA, where he enrolled in the Department of Public Administration and Political Science and earned a Bachelor's degree.

Tembe later enrolled in a different degree, this time studying Financial Management at the Caltex Business Management Programme (UCT), which is affiliated with the University of Cape Town. He received an additional qualification at the end of the day.

Moses' first degree in Public Administration and Political Science may not have had as much of an impact on the commercial empire he has built today, but his second degree in Public Administration and Political Science did. It goes without saying that studying Financial Management provided the tycoon with the requisite business abilities, savviness, and foresight to succeed in the extremely competitive world of business.

Moses Tembe’s Investments

Some of the big intelligent investments that put Moses Tembe on the map as one of the most well-known businesspeople of our time are listed here.

  • Moses Tembe Investments (Pty) Ltd
  • Phumelela Gaming & Leisure (org chart)
  • Mr. Price Partners Share Trust
  • Elgin Brown & Hamer (Pty) Ltd,
  • Dynachem (Pty) Ltd
  • Santova Logistics (Pty) Ltd
  • Durban Infrastructure Development Trust
  • Crescendo Venture Capital (Pty) Ltd

The list is far from complete, as the South African native continues to break new ground as time passes. He also has a number of successful agreements with other companies across the country.

In 2018, Tembe Resigned As Gold Circle Director

Moses TembePhumelela Gaming and Leisure

Moses Tembe worked as a significant Director of Gold Circle for several years before resigning in 2018. Soon after, reports from media outlets such as SportingPost began to circulate that the affluent South African billionaire had resigned as Vice Chairman of Gold Circle and a Director of Gold Circle Racing Club.

Although the reasons for Moses' resignation were not made public, it was clear that he remains on good terms with the company, which was quick to express gratitude for the business mogul's significant contributions to the company's overall success.

It was quickly revealed that one of his motivations for quitting Gold Circle could be another prestigious position. Soon after, the Jozini business magnate joined Phumelela Gaming and Leisure as the company's Lead Independent Director. According to reports, he is Investec co-founder Bernard Kantor's replacement. He obviously did not leave the industry entirely, merely switching from one company to the next.

The wheeler-efforts dealer's and dedication have not gone unnoticed throughout his business career. As the world lauded his achievements, the relevant authorities kept a close eye on him, and Tembe was recently honored with the Investec Entrepreneur Award and the Ithala Business Award.

Tembe’s Fortune Was Last Estimated At S100 million

Since breaking into the wheeling-dealing world of business, the entrepreneur has made huge accomplishments, all of which have been extremely rewarding. Moses appears to be involved in every industry: hospitality, infrastructure investment, gaming, oil and gas, fast food, and butchery, to name a few. In addition to shipping, property, engineering, manufacturing, tourism, marine, and education, the South African business magnate has proven his worth in a variety of fields.

Needless to say, having various business interests means having multiple sources of income, and according to reports, Moses Tembe is succeeding in all of his endeavors. When one of his firms, Moses Tembe Investments (Pty) Ltd, was brought to light, a financial examination revealed a staggering annual return of $2.45 million. Furthermore, with the passage of time, the company's revenue generation ability grows.

Moses Tembe Investments (Pty) Ltd, according to the records, is one of the wheeler-primary dealer's business interests and a major source of money. Moses Tembe Investments' headquarters are located in his region of Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the company employs over 17 people throughout all of its sites. Moses Tembe's fortune was estimated to be worth a whopping $100 million in 2020. According to reports, this decision was reached after a thorough examination and totalling of all of his income streams.

How Does Moses Tembe Spend His Money?

Given his social and financial standing in African society, it is not unreasonable to assume that Moses Tembe enjoys a life of luxury. However, based on what is discernible, he appears to be the type who prefers to keep his personal life hidden. As a result, nothing is known about his life outside of the corporate sphere.

Tembe Resides in Only The Best Mansions In South Africa

The business guru is said to own multiple lovely residences scattered across the country, but the general public has never been given a peek of the paradise he calls home. After South African rapper AKA started dating his daughter Anele Tembe, rumors about his main residence began to circulate. AKA was the one who videoed and uploaded one of his would-be father-in-houses law's on social media. Fans simply had to admit that the property featured in the Instagram story is the epitome of luxury.

There has been chatter about another of his properties in South Africa, this time in the country's coastal region. This luxury estate not only has a pool, but there is also a neighboring sea for the occupant's enjoyment. In reality, the residence offers a wealth of amenities, including solitude and tranquility.

According to reports, Moses Tembe's luxury mansion investments are not limited to his own country of South Africa; he also has a number of properties abroad. His New York apartment, which is decked out with the latest amenities, is an excellent example.

Moses Tembe’s Cars

Given that the sole information regarding the famed business tycoon's homes comes from the lover of his deceased daughter, it's reasonable to assume that nothing about his autos has been revealed. The South African native's garage, on the other hand, is claimed to be packed with exotic cars that he drives around town in.

The SA Business Mogul Also Spends on Philanthropy

Moses Tembe's name has long been associated with generosity in South Africa, but his most recent attempt to help the least fortunate occurred during the outbreak of the new Corona Virus epidemic.

Tembe was one of many on hand to give out palliative products to the people when his country was hit by the initial wave of the virus. Face masks, hand sanitizers, and sanitary packs were among the goods he shared. The Umlazi Township in Durban was his main target for distributing the goods. On April 9th, 2020, the items were shared. All of this was done in order to assist the KZN Provincial Government in combating the virus's spread.


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