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"This is why we ask for rental deposit" a landlord shares what a tenant left in her rental property.

Owning a rental place can be quite difficult from needing to deal with tenants problems to rent issues as well as maintaining issues it can be quite a handful. This is why many landlords require a rental deposit to start off so that when issues arise with their tenants they can easily fix them. See the post a landlord made speaking about rental deposit.

It's not all the time where you will have good old tenants where you won't find problems when they move out. Some can leave your place in a state that is not even recognizable leaving your place damaged.

Landlords shared the states in which their place was in after their tenants moved out and doesn't look good at all. And all of that will require repair that will need money and that's where the rental deposit comes in. See down below people's comments.

What are your thoughts on rental deposit? Comment down below your thoughts.


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