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OPINION | The plans for the borrowed R11 billion

I think this is a ploy to bankrupt the country just think about it why would the International Community approve loans for a country, when they clearly know the country will be unable to pay the money back not to mention the guarantee that most of the money will be looted, at the end of the day. Why not install independent oversight committees to monitor spending and ensure the money goes where its supposed to, why? Because they know our officials are big enough disappointers who will keep stealing and fail to see the end game staring then straight in their faces. A bankrupt country is open to annexation it can't defend itself, it can't look after its people, and no one will be willing to invest in such an economy. The country will then be open to foreign rule, it will have no choice but to accept this reality. The reality of loosing their economic independence foreign governments will then own and control our recourses, nd there will be nothing we can do about it. In my opinion, the only way out is to remove these people from power

Those money will go to the pockets of criminal ANC but as a country we will paying those loans, what impact does our ruling party play so far is just all lies they know, we are going to suffer from this for a long time. Ramaphosa and his cronies are determined to wreck this country the entire rotten ANC needs to go before they sink us any deeper, the repayment of these loans are coming right out of taxpaying citizens, and when they fail to pay they will leverage the mineral wealth hidden beneath protected heritage sites, and plenty other unexplored areas where people will be forcibly removed from. The ANC has already sold out this country's citizens and everything in it

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