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In Shock: Here What Foreigners Were Caught Doing To Food Before They Sell Them, Watch Video

Those who criticize foreign-owned companies may think they're being anti-immigrant when they do so. As children, we were repeatedly told by our teachers that delicacies created in other countries were unhealthy, but this message was never heeded by any of us.

For the most part, foreign nationals who own enterprises don't acquire merchandise from licensed suppliers; instead, they produce their own replicas of it. Foreign immigrants were caught on camera making their own Coca-Cola in their backyards and pouring it into Coca-Cola bottles a few years ago.

A video of Indians fabricating fake grandfathers is making the rounds on social media. We're fighting with individuals not to check if the pills they're purchasing are genuine. It's possible that they'll eat stuff that will worsen their illness. Resentment and antagonism toward foreign-owned enterprises in Mzanzi have grown as a result of this film.

It's also interesting to note that most foreigners who run a store that sells food buy their own groceries from other licensed establishments. Why don't they eat the food they grow? Then, we'll have to talk about it later. Another terrible video of foreigners abusing food before selling it has surfaced today. Take a look at the video below;

The video shows foreigners packing biscuits in a bakery-like environment. One of them can be seen walking on top of the biscuits that they are packaging in order to sell them to us; his hands were creamy because they had been soiled with muck. Later, after biting into the cookie and rubbing it all over his body, he stuffed it back inside the package. They all burst out laughing, indicating that this is something they do on a regular basis.

This is why we were told to avoid shopping at international stores. After watching this video, many people were outraged. Some others even pledged never to shop at foreign stores again. The following are some of the comments that have been made.

This is a huge misrepresentation. This is why we have diseases that are more prevalent in other countries than they are in ours. The food we eat is not good for us. Dirty goods are being sold to us. Let me know what you think about this video. Please write a comment in the box below.

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