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" What I ordered VS what I got ", a customer complains about Debonaires

Don't believe everything you see on the advertisement , see the real thing to be sure.

A Debonaires costomer took to Twitter to complain about the type of meal he ordered compared to the one he got. The guy ordered Debonaires chicken wings as we normally see on most of their advertisement ,but what he got looked like something else

(What they advertise)

If you have ever seen Debonaires advertisement , from their advertisement this is how their chicken wings looks like. They look like saucy roasted wings. From the advertisement , everyone would like to get a taste of that , but wait till you see what this guy got after placing an order.

(What you get)

After all the saucy roasted looking chicken wings , this is what this guy got after he ordered . To me it looks like mixed portion with too much brown onions. I would also be unimpressed. And it seems like he is not the only one complaining about Debonaires. Another guy who ordered Pizza also complained.

Content created and supplied by: Kotani (via Opera News )

Debonaires Pizza


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