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National Shutdown|| KZN Takes The Lead

07 July 2022


The price of fuel has gone up once again since Wednesday. Petrol has gone up by a whopping R2,37 cents a litre for 93 octane and Diesel has gone up between R2.30 and R2.31. Illuminating paraffin is also going up by R1.66 a litre. The government says that the main reason for the price hike is because of crude oil prices which have also gone up overseas.

Many people throughout the country have met these price hikes with great detest. Food prices have been a problem already, with cooking oil costing an arm and a leg, the price of bread has gone up. It has become expensive just to be alive. KZN motorists and truck drivers are not just sitting by and watch. It is reported that there’s a blockade by trucks in Richards Bay at the R34 and  N2. The people have shutdown the roads in protests to the fuel prices.

“We have a right to protest as the People so please during the #NationalShutdown protest I would like the US Army to stay away from foreign affairs, we do not need them anywhere near our people especially during this time.” A twitter user commented under the hashtag National Shutdown that has been trending for almost a week now.

Other Provinces has not yet joined the national shutdown, it seems only the KZN province has taken the lead. Could the national shutdown be a way out of this impossible economic situation that the country is facing?

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