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Cooking Oil In Zimbabwe Costs R596 - See Difference Between SA And Zim Price

Many people are shocked by the price of cooking oil in Zimbabwe where it has been discovered that the price of a 2 L bottle of cooking oil cost about 596 Rands and in South Africa this price cost about R70 and there's a huge difference between the two cooking oil prices, this has caused a lot of stir on social media and people are wondering how much things really cost if the cooking oil could cost so much.

The incident is very concerning - the hyperinflation is a serious concern because it has been going on for a very long time, people are struggling because if the high prices of goods and services which has forced many people to even try to get in the habit of procuring g their goods and services from neighboring countries.

Especially South Africa since things are relatively cheaper than in Zimbabwe, this is something that is a huge problem in the country because then there is a lot if criminal elements that arise from a lo these activities. With the many goods that are going across our borders it has become a concern of the safety and security of the country to concern themselves about what is happening at the border.

The incident has caused a serious stir on social media because of how many people have been inconvenienced by the criminal activities, there are a lot of goods that are being smuggled and we also ring out that stolen vehicles belonging to the public of South Africa.

Law enforcements are encouraging members of the public to work hand in hand with them in order to bring criminals to justice, we have been seeing a lot of collaboration between the police and ordinary citizens of the country lead to the arrests of criminals.

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