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SHOPRITE's sh0cks SA pricing with Xtra Savings promotion.

Recently a post has been trending around various social media accounts revealing how the biggest retailer in South Africa has been misdirecting customers with their Extra Savings deal. One was brave enough to capture a couple of pictures showing how we pay extra money when we buy products which are low priced when sold alone than paired products.

The image displays that a single loaf of Sasko cost R10 but when you purchase 2 loafs under the Swipe and Save promotion, you'd have to pay R25 instead of R20. Many South Africans have been made to believe that they had been saving money under the promotion whilst they're spending extra money.

This is known as psychological pricing where by customers are made to ignore the original price tag in hopes of savings money with the Extra Savings promotion. Shoprite has been facing a lot of backlash since the News hit social media.

This pricing strategy has been working effectively because South Africans has a high level of easily manipulated customers, as this strategic pricing targets particular customers point of view. We advise customers to double check both price before making an official sail.


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