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Opinion - The first point of development is to empower the people.

We all advise our family and friends against "get rich quick" schemes like lottery, alchemy, investing in business you don't understand or doing deal with people with bad record of criminality and crookery.

Surprisingly, we forget this sound advise when it comes to our countries. We all want "quick development", investing in things we have no skill to build or maintain ourselves, signing deals with people with criminal records, getting into debt to play the lottery of "quick development".

"Quick development" is the new scam in town, sold to our governments by international scammers from Europe, Asia, and America.

Like our beloved President Robert Mugabe put it "if we can not process the platinum here in Zimbabwe, let's keep it underground. It would not spoil. We will spend time to train our children to do it, and future generations would benefit greatly".

It's considered stupid to bring a Tesla self driving car in Nigeria where there is no car repairer who could fix it, if it would break down. Still, we are buying or building everyday stuff our people have no skill to maintain or repair.

It's in that manner that Kenya is selling its future to quick development scam. Currently, the country has to import massively foreigners to do the maintenance of the shiny toys it has acquired.

Soon, the Kenyan people will only be good as obedient servants of foreigners in their own land.

The same process is going on in Côte d'Ivoire.

Is that a good way to "develop" a country?

Kenya and Côte d'Ivoire are not the only countries hooked by the "IMF Scam" also called "quick development".

Slow and steady development is the way to go. The earth is not going anywhere soon. Human dignity is preferable to slavery in luxury.

Like Thomas Sankara summarized it, "We prefer one step with the people, than one hundred steps without the people."

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