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Covid 19 affect economy

The covid 19 is a crisis affecting the entire world economy some key sectors of Africa economy are already experiencing a slowdown as a result of pendemic

It is important to assess the social economic impact of covid 19 although the pandemic is at less advanced stage in Africa due to its lesser quantity of international migrants

It really affect the lives of learner's most some of the Learners are not be able to go to school because of this pendemic the

This pendemic it cause by the people who travel from their country to another .It spred easily it also has sympoms e.g sneezing ,coughing , shortness of breath. Covid 19 also has a bad influence for people who are in a relationship because they won't be together cause they will be affect by this pendemic.

Ways of protecting yourself from covid 19

.stay home

. Avoid close contact

.ware a face mask

.keep 5 metor distance from someone else

.Do not touch your nose mount

Symptoms of covid 19

. sneezing

. coughing

. shortness of breath

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