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Mzansi Shares the Secret Ingredients Added on a Savanna Dry Cider, That Has Got People Acting Crazy

The years 2020 came with a lot of changes in ourlives. This is because of the pandemic called Corona Virus. For the first time in ourlives we were obliged to wear masks and stay at home to avoid being infected by COVID19.

Sannavah has been trending all over social media. We seen people balancing one or two bottles of the dry cider on their heads, mouth, face and chin. Some are even using the savanna cider coverings as masks or hat.

Although the savanna marketing manager Eugene Lenford distances the companh from all the social media shenanigans of weird behavior and challenges.

Saying they don't support the fad and isn't some way of promoting or marketing the company.

Here are some of the comments on Social media about the secret added ingredients on a Savanna Dry cider.

Tweeps claiming that savanna cider has added a lil bit paarl perle.

Some saying that it's not just the ordinary cider but has 5 percent of nyaope and 1 percent nawa.

What do you think about this Mzansi?

Content created and supplied by: Andrina.Ndaba (via Opera News )

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