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Eskom get a major breakthrough as private sector can also generate electricity

The issue of Eskom has been a problem for the country for the longest time now. The country started having loadshadding way back in 2014 even today it is still the same issue.

Eskom has been the only company that is able to produce electricity and it is owned by government. Gorvenment has been bailing out Eskom but there is nothing to show for it. The price of electricity is forever increasing while the units keeps on going down.

Eskom is also complaining about people who are not paying for electricity especially the debt that is owed by the Soweto residents. For many years they have not been paying for electricity. However, there are other people are being offered free electricity by gorvenment.

Eskom is currently under a lot of strain. The supply does not meet the demands and this is not a good thing for our economy that is struggling. The effect of the global Corona Virus pandemic has exacerbated the situation.

Ever since President Ramaphosa took office of the presidency in 2018, he promised to solve the issue of Eskom and the loadshadding as this has a direct impact on our economy and it also kills the investor confidence.

There has been a massive breakthrough for private electricity provision in South Africa, as businesses will now be allowed to generate power of up to 100 megawatts each, without a licence. Private companies will now be able to generate electricity and this will help alleviate the pressure that Eskom is currently under. Eskom is not coping at all.

This private companies will have to connect through Eskom in order for them to able to generate the electricity.

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