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OPINION: Zimbabweans, Can You Please Stop Blaming Strive Masiyiwa's Mobile Phone Services

What people fail to understand is, Strive is also a victim of circumstances created by Zanu pf gvt! At the end of the day he has to make decisions based on what is on e ground, inorder for his bussiness to survive. Some of those critizing Strive are somehow doing the same in their bussinesses, they buy something in China for a dollar but come to Zim and sell it for exorbitant prices

At the end of the day Strive can charge what he wants, nobody is forcing anyone to use his services. Why were people not angry with Ginimbi who was buying Rolls Royces, without paying duties which is theft directly from the taxpayer? The anger is misdirected in Zimbabwe, people should be angry at the government and not business people, actually creating employment in the country

Until we know our enemy we will continue punching wind, Strive has nothing to do with our sufferings. People do you real expect data of $1 to last a month ?

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