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SASSA R350 Grant payment dates for October and November 2021 for Bank and Post Office

Social Relief of Distress Grant beneficiaries who received their grants at cash pay point is informed of changes on their pay date.


All dates communicated during their last payment will now shift forward by two days. Applicants are advised to collect their money on their pay date to avoid delays in the date of their next payment.

Sapo and sassa use the method of the last three digits of the identity numbers of each approved beneficiary for their payment dates. Sassa uses this method to minimize the spread of covid-19 and for social distance.

To avoid disappointment, stay at home until you receive an SMS from sassa to notify you of your payment. Sassa advises people to not go to the post office just to check if their money is in, rather check on your cellphone online on or email.

Everyone will receive an SMS informing him or her to come to collect their payments at the Post office or Bank. However, the post office doesn't want people to come to their branches just to check if their money is it or not, only those who received SMS will be assisted.


Sassa R350 Grant payment will be paid according to the date mentioned in your message sent to you. Note that there might be some changes from the date you see when you check your status with the one you received with SMS, dates on the system might give you backdate and the one on SMS will be your right date.


this method will be used in November as well, there will be no specific date for payment until you receive the message sent to you by sassa. People are advised to check the last three digits of their identity numbers to guide them through their payment week. Remember your last three digits numbers will only guide you on which week you can expect your money, not exactly the payment date.

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