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The neighbors thought he was digging a hole for a pool, but his idea was even better & Unexpected

By Wesley4658 | self meida writer
Published 19 days ago - 1159 views

06 February 2021 By Wesley4658

A mysterious hole

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_1Everyone has wild home improvement dreams and project ideas that they would like to implement, but not everyone ultimately pulls them off. Especially with large-scale projects in the garden, you have to have a lot of time and willingness to work to put something into practice. When Wayne Martin started digging a huge hole in his back yard, his neighbors thought he was crazy. Little did they know that he was in the process of building one of the most challenging backyard structures we have ever seen. And when he was done, all their suspicions turned into sheer envy! Be ready for the same effect when you find out what he built!

The shipping container

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_2Wayne started by buying a six-meter shipping container that he found on the Internet. You'd think it can get pretty expensive, but many of these containers are scrapped and sold for little money. Because you have to keep the costs as low as possible in your own home improvement project, it was a good start. But what exactly did he want to do with the container? Find out!

Inexpensive and ready to go

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_3Wayne was lucky to be able to get a shipping container so cheaply, because in the end it was the foundation of the whole project! Without it he would have been in a fix. But the big question is: what will he do with it? Find out on the following page.

Sealing of the doors

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_4He sealed the double doors at the end of the container and attached a swing door to the other side. This is a key moment for the rest of the project. At the beginning, one end of the container had to be permanently sealed so that nothing could get in or leak out. The other end was equipped with entrance doors and it would henceforth provide access to the container. As you can see, the project was starting to take shape. There was still much to be done, but what Wayne was doing was starting to make sense. Still, a mountain of work awaited him. What was the man up to? We have our theories ...


When the container was finished and sealed, Wayne began digging a large hole in his back yard. He took care to dig the hole at least half a meter deeper than the height of the container in order to have buffer space later. A 15 centimeter thick layer of crushed stone was poured onto the bottom of the floor to create a level base for the container. The next steps, however, would be very difficult.

Guess what he's building

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_6Due to the size of the container, Wayne had to call a sewage company who could provide a truck and crane to move the container into the hole. Do you think you know what he was up to? A shipping container equipped with doors that is transported underground. In a few lines it will all make sense. And when you find out what he built, you'll be amazed at how far Wayne made it. It could be that he is a construction genius, or at least very close!

What could he be up to?

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_7After the container was lowered into the hole, Wayne had to make sure that there was half a meter of clearance on each side for further work to be done. You can now guess what Wayne is building, you just have to read a few lines to be sure! We promise you will be impressed! It's really amazing.

Sump pump

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_8In the next step, a sump pump was installed to keep the container dry. Sump pumps are usually located in basements to prevent fluid from building up and flooding the foundations. Wayne wanted to make sure his project didn't drown one day. Very wise!

The stairs

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_9Cement steps were built on the entrance doors to allow easy descent into the container. While this underground bunker isn't particularly hi-tech or luxurious, it can be said that it definitely does the job! After most of the exterior work was done, there were a few more things to add. Wayne definitely has a knack for construction!

Build a safe scaffolding

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_10One of the next moves in this elaborate underground construction was to add two beams at the top that are level with the steps. This scaffolding is a support for the next step. Wayne attaches great importance to safety. We can't wait to see his next move!

Wayne is unstoppable!

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_11Additional scaffolding was added to support the roof. Is it slowly dawning on what he's up to? The next step was to build scaffolding around the roof of the shipping container. Is it starting to make sense? It's definitely some kind of underground bunker. We're more than excited to see the end result. His hard work should soon pay off ...

The roof

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_12After the roof scaffolding was in place, Wayne began laying out corrugated iron that was strong enough to support a person. The last thing we want is for someone to fall through the roof into the bunker. Wait a minute, did we say bunker? Forget it quickly! We still have no idea what he's building!

The entrance

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_13He left an opening above the steps and supported it with reinforcing steel. The entrance was the next step in Wayne's project. The steps were ready, the roof covered the back of the bunker, and now it was the turn of the entrance to his secret hiding place. After much, much work, his project finally started to take shape.

The cornerstones

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_14Quarry stones were placed around the structural steel and filled with cement. It was very important not only to make the entrance sturdy, but also to place it above the container. Weather played a role too, so Wayne was careful to keep elements of nature out of the way. Can you find out what exactly he's building?


the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_15Two 30 centimeter long ventilation flaps were attached to the front and rear of the container, along with PVC pipes for the supply. You should definitely plan it! Correct: Wayne installed ventilation flaps to direct fresh air into his container. You'd think that means he was planning to spend some time down there. Just a little food for thought ...

Lots of concrete

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_16After the basic framework was in place, it was finally time to fill the holes with concrete. A 15 centimeter thick layer of concrete reinforced the corrugated iron roof and the reinforcing steel around the entrance. Hopefully everything was in place and no mistakes were made. Apparently Wayne wanted his underground project to last a long time!

It's finally taking shape

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_17A 15 centimeter layer of concrete was added to the corrugated iron roof and structural steel. 15 centimeters is a lot of concrete! Wayne apparently took his project very seriously. Obviously, his underground structure should be able to withstand a lot. With the container, the roof, the girders and the concrete, he had certainly guaranteed that. Good planning is half the job, isn't it?

Temporary supports will be dismantled

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_18Wayne removed the temporary supports from under the concrete and metal layers to test their load-bearing capacity. Here's a great look at the progress Wayne had made in the entryway. The steps, girders, and rubble stones worked hand in hand; together they formed a really stable frame. All the heavy lifting was well worth the effort. Wayne knew what he was doing, that's for sure! Isn't it incredible that there was only a hole in the ground here before? Just wait until you see the end result!

Garden planting

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_19Wayne used good quality soil to cover the ground around the entrance so that things could be planted there. Covering everything with earth makes the piece of land look almost completely new. For example, he could create a garden there and use all of the space! Anyway, Wayne was nearing the end of his job and everything looked wonderful.

It's a bunker!

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_20You have probably guessed by now that Wayne's structure is its own underground bunker! As you can see, Wayne did not hesitate to provide him with wine and liquor. We thought there would be some kind of shack, but you can even use it as a wine cellar! Get ready for the end product.


the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_21Here is the view from the back. He can now use the room as a shelter or as a storage room. Pretty clever huh? In the event of a natural disaster, the shelter part could be quite useful. And anyway, everyone can use a little extra storage space, and this one is underground. Wayne doesn't even shrink his backyard with it. That is effective use of space!

A word of warning

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_22One should be aware that this type of shipping container is intended to be stacked on top of one another. This means that the most stable parts of the container are in the corners. If you want to build your own underground bunker, you should include good support systems so that it doesn't collapse under the weight.

He's not the only one

Of course, other people have tried to build an underground shelter in their garden and you don't necessarily have to use a shipping container. As you can see here, this person decided to build their basic structure out of concrete blocks. You have to add, of course, that if you really want one of these commercial bunkers at home, it will probably cost you a few thousand dollars.

Elegant and chic

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_24A couple of these underground bunkers actually look pretty cozy. This bunker here looks a lot more comfortable, useful, and aesthetically pleasing than most living rooms! So when can we move in? This bunker looks so elegant and lifted. Damn it, it looks better than some of the apartments we've seen. Could we maybe ask for a lease?

Facts vs. fiction

the-neighbors-thought-he-raised-a-hole-for-a-pool-but-his-idea-was-even-better_25Most of the underground bunkers are inspired by science fiction films in which people have to flee to huge underground hiding places to prevent human extinction. It is important to understand that these bunkers are simpler than those of fiction. Most of the underground bunkers are much smaller and only contain the bare essentials. And Wayne? He just wanted a place to store his wine collection.

Source: https://www.buzzaura.com/die-nachbarn-dachten-er-hebt-ein-loch-f%C3%BCr-einen-pool-aus-aber-seine-idee-war-noch-besser

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