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Lady Asks Us To Support Her Business- But The Public Noticed This Instead

We all want to succeed in life, and we would do almost everything we can to get to where we want to be. Most people want to own their businesses instead of working for others. While others don't have a job to begin with, but they don't just give up.

In life, if you want to change your life around, you would start a small business that can put food on your table. Like a lady who started her business and she wanted to help it to grow, so she took a photo and shared it on social media telling the public about the kind of business she is running. She is selling meat of the cow's head, and she is proud of doing so. On this photo we can see the lady standing next to her business, she cooks her food next to a busy road and sell it to the public.

Many took out their view on her business and all had a different perspective. Some say she didn't have to conduct this business next to the road, but she could have used a kitchen instead. Others were against that view, and they said she is creative for using an open place instead of using a small kitchen, which will make her stuff compressed in a tight space. Others made fun about her, saying that she was advertising herself rather than her business.

Well, what I think about the whole setup is the location she chose. Firstly, she cooks in a potentially dusty area while might contaminate the food. Secondly, she head is exposed, meaning that you can't have your hair exposed when you work with food. Her business is a good idea, and I hope that after some time she will find a good place to work from and do what she knows best.

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