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Meet the 27 year old man Andile Ngcobo the owner of a farmer left people disbelief, see photos


Meet Andile Ngcobo the younger man who became the first generation farmer at the age of 24 years old. Today he's at the age of 27 it is clear that he is an industry leader. Calling him inspiration is an understatement.

The man realized that he had to go to college to get the knowledge and practical knowledge needed to be successful in agriculture. He has a Diploma in Agriculture - specializing in agronomy and dairy production.

At such a young age he runs one of the most diverse operations with the help of his employees that he appreciate so much.

His family is appreciated for what their young one did he was raised by only one parent, Andile started loving to do farmers at the age of 6 years while he was still young but her mother noticed that this boy loves this work.

Since Andile started this business at the age of 24 his mother is day proud of having a boy like him is the only boy at his home her mother has only 3 girls and one boy which is Andile.

Andile is enjoying his life he lives the life he was dreaming to live since he was young now he is the owner

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Andile Ngcobo


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