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Extra Saving or No Saving? Shoprite Exposed By Angry South African Citizens For Having Fake Sales

If there's one thing that Africans can't seem to get away from, it's sales. We rush to buy when we see the term "sale" on a product in a store, even if we don't really want it. We were instructed to save in this manner. The discrepancy between the initial price and the supposed "sale" price is one of the most critical factors we overlook. The term "sale" does not necessarily imply that the price has been cut; it merely indicates that the item is being sold. As black folks, we interpret this as a price reduction.

Shoprite has been revealed for brainwashing customers into believing that the price of their products has been cut when it has not. I'm sure folks who shop at Shoprite are aware of the "Xtra Savings" card that Shoprite customers can use to enjoy discounted prices. That card is completely ineffective. It does not always result in a reduction in the initial price. It's just a ruse to dupe people, and it frequently results in you paying more than the original amount. See the photographs below to see how the Shoprite Xtra Savings Card and discount tag do not cut the price:

Rather than lowering prices, the "additional savings" card raises them. Many people were outraged after this was shared on social media, claiming that Shoprite was defrauding customers. Take a look at how people responded when they saw this:

They use the word "sale" to entice customers to buy their products in the hopes that the price would be reduced. Is this a rip-off? They also write "swipe your Xtra saving card and save R15" on various products, despite the fact that the difference between the original price and the stated new price is not the R15.

Check the difference between the original amount and the alleged reduced price before buying anything that is said to be on sale or reduced price, especially on items that say "buy one, get one free," because in most cases, you will end up paying more than the original price without using an Xtra saving card. After all of my research and study, I've discovered that the Xtra Savings card frequently raises the price and brainwashes you into thinking you've saved money when you've actually spent more. Please share this with your elderly family members so they are aware of Shoprite's treatment of us.

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