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OPINION: Zimbabweans, What's Your Take on this Type of Transport ?

Often regulation and law supersedes petinent questions on innovation yet these must speak to each other. Sjambok is not the only solution to every childs problem.

Steve Jobs remodelled itune simply on the basis that people are generally not evil and didn't prefer to buy the whole album, when all they want was just one song on the album, that move killed piracy in most of the world.

One person came to Zimbabwe and was amazed by the ride sharing service and boom created billions of dollar industry starting with Uber. Now besides being strictlers for law it must be accepted that the existence of "mushika shika" is not people trying or going out of their way to be evil but are providing a service that is a necessity, on demand and convinient in the absence of a viable alternative

A responsible ministry would research, put ideas in an innovation funnel, co- ideate and commercialise the idea to make transport convinient, reliable and safe.

They should come with a better model because there is definetly a need. The zupco model will work but mostly if there is more formal employment unlike now when 90%, of city traffic are the so called "hustlers" without standard timetables of their hustle. First world solutions to a third world economy

Just using the law to punish without offering the consumers of (mushika shika) an alternative is just making life so difficult for the people. Maybe I should say they are making life difficult for voters so someone may listens.

Let's invest in thinking to come up with innovative city travel or movement models, because (mushika shika) prevalence is derived demand of informal markets/ business, which is unlikely to go away until we create like 4m new jobs

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