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Hard To Believe What SASSA Is Going to Cost the Working South Africans

Hard To Believe What SASSA Is Going to Cost the Working South Africans

Date: 2022/01/27

It is really hard to believe that extending the SASSA R350 grant is going to cost South Africans, it is highly strange, but the truth is that South Africans are uneducated, they grew up not having anything to eat in four-room houses that were built by the apartheid government and they ended up not owning only that house which has handicapped more than a million people.

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The world is a hard place to be, but the reality is that free things make people weak, they should learn how to earn what they own or they will be the property of the state, working hard is important when it comes to that part.

The South African Social Security Agency is doing its best to keep people alive in a country where people are like crabs in a barrel, we have to strive and fight over small things if we were much stronger than that we would have learned how to be strong and build our own houses.

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Free money handicaps people's minds, now they cannot even survive in an environment where people are just looking to bring them down but they are so strong it is unbelievable, they think they he is probably a god.

SASSA is a chain on its own that people should escape, kids must be strong, they must know that free things will make them weak, just like the free education they believe in so much which has made them soft to a point where they cannot think for themselves.

SASSA is good for the people but also at the same time very bad, rather learn how to be strong and get your own things, the universe is strange it works in amazing ways, but people need to have faith and belief everything good will come after that. It is going to cost taxpayers 35 billion dollars.


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