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Sassa 350 SRD Grant for October still pending

Sassa failing to pay its beneficiaries since from August people haven't yet receive a cent from Sassa.

It's sad news for those who depended on this money as we all know many people lose thier jobs due to COVID-19. The introduction of Sassa was to help people who are disadvantaged who are not working or receiving any certain of income .

We don't know who is wrong now because Sassa says its our bank's, at bank's they deny saying the problem is with Sassa. People are disappointed and angry at the same time ,we don't blame them almost 3 months without payed.

August and September are still not payed only approved but still pending for payment.Sassa has said that it will deal with installments from the 8 October onwards keep on really looking at your status for any changes.

Government must now interven people will not tolerate this anymore.Its really sad and painful for those poor families who are depending on this money.

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