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Meet man who blew R5 million in less than 3 months without taking a vacation.

People who win large sums of money in lotteries or inherit large sums of money from their parents. The vast majority of them appear to have no idea where their money goes. In the case of a Limpopo guy, he ended up spending $5 million without even leaving the country. He decided to make some lifestyle changes after winning the lottery.

He attracted a significant number of new pals, and he began to party almost every day of the week. He is now a homeless man with nothing to his name. He was treated as a king in his neighborhood, and the locals dubbed him Monada. He allegedly spent more than $15,000 per day drinking with a group of friends. Ladies who accept his invitation to spend the day with him are given money. Money, unfortunately, abandoned him without leaving him a final word.

They weren't interested in him any longer since he wasn't looking down on them. It was a terrible day for him when he realized he couldn't afford to buy a loaf of bread any longer. Those who had been a part of his spending also left with him, without saying anything. It can bring you to your knees if you don't know how to use money.


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Limpopo Monada


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