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Moja Chicken under fire for saying we don't hire foreigners

Moja Chicken has found itself trending after a salty caption on their social media post. The caption reads "Our main focus is selling chicken, providing good customer service, and hiring 100% South Africans. We don't have time for making dry jokes on social media."

The social media user has been camping in the comments section demanding clarity on the tweet. One user queried if the "hiring 100% south Africans " means that they also want 100% south Africans as their customers.

Another user queried if they don't employ just black Africans or they also don't employ even the Europeans white or the Indians. While the majority of users felt that the tweet has crossed the Afrophobia line, a few minorities stood up with the brand and commending it for putting South Africans first.

What's your take on this, Is it good marketing to exclude foreigners from work or business especially black Africans?

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