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SASSA Sends A Message To Everyone Who Has Been Declined For June

SASSA Sends A Message To Everyone Who Has Been Declined For June. 

SASSA has been helping a lot of people that are in need financially. Many who are unemployed have been benefiting from the SRD grant since it was introduced. Unfortunately, there are some people who get declined for the grant. 

SASSA has sent a message to all those have been declined for the month of June. Sassa says that these people can now apply for reconsideration for the month of June. Sassa says people should apply for reconsiderations on the DSD  Tribunal Website This comes after SASSA has introduced the means test for the new phase of the grant which seems to have excluded a lot of people. 

If you happen to be one of the people that were declined and you feel you were wrongfully declined then it is best to head to the website and apply for reconsiderations which will appeal your R350 outcome. 

In my opinion, SASSA should do away with the means tests and give the R350 to everyone who is unemployed regardless of how much was in their account for that month because most unemployed people get money from other people and informal hustles. 

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