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Just in: SASSA forced to CHANGE October payment dates – here are the new ones

D'oh! SASSA has been left humiliated on Tuesday morning, after they were left with no decision except to change their social award installment dates for October 2021 – only 24 hours in the wake of posting their unique timetable. 

SASSA change critical dates for October 

The screw-up was purportedly brought about by 'human blunder' when a realistic was transferred to their web-based media pages. It gave three of the significant installment dates, yet at last, somebody recognized a disparity in the text. 

"We have changed the social award installment dates for October 2021: We apologize for the human blunder on the Twitter post for October, shared yesterday… The mistake has been revised on a [updated] post." 

Social awards 'will be paid a day after the fact' one month from now 

Recently, SASSA posted a schedule of *every* installment date for 2021. Be that as it may, when they distributed the dates for October yesterday, these were out of sync with the first program. 

Following a decent night's rest and what we can just accept that was a more grounded pot of espresso at SASSA HQ, somebody saw the blunder and made a conclusive move. Another timetable for award installments one month from now will be currently fully operational. 

Refreshed SASSA installment dates for October 2021 

For those of you who dived more deeply into the schedule on Monday, you'll be satisfied to realize that the interruption is certainly not a significant one. All installment dates have been pushed back to the following day. Lamentably, however, this implies that each award beneficiary should stand by an additional 24 hours before guaranteeing what's theirs. 

More seasoned individual's recompense: Tuesday 5 October. 

Inability recompense: Wednesday 6 October. 

Kids' awards remittance: Thursday 7 October 

R350 Grant: No particular installment dates are given, yet they will be actioned from Thursday 7 October AT THE EARLIEST. 

All awards: You mustn't need to gather your award on a specific day it is made accessible. The cash will remain in your record until you're prepared to pull out it.Just in: SASSA forced to CHANGE October payment dates – here are the new ones (

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