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OPINION| African governments are not ready to abandon coal mining

Leaders at COP26 are pushing for the phasing out of coal, Germany has committed to give South Africa R12.5-billion to phase out coal energy. But what does this mean to towns that are heavily dependant on coal? eNCA reporter Heidi Giokos unpacks this ~ eNCA it is these same countries that developed and prospered under coal power, It is the same countries that have put us under the threat of global warming. It is the same countries that started the coal mines in their former colonies. If coal mining ceases, most of these towns will become ghost towns with little to offer. African governments are not ready or near ready to abandon coal mining, moreso it will spell job losses, more poverty and more social upheavalsWhy it is the foreign countries that dicide about our country and how we run our economy, have they thought about the people who will loose their jobs or they are just interested in their own selfish agenda. This thing is a scam, why South Africa, agree to this without their own views and ather Countries didn't, what about the people that are working in coal industry, who are going to loose their jobs and US must not dictate to us

How much of this money will actually be used for what it’s intended for, maybe a fancy house, another Inkandla, some fancy school for our ministers children to learn how to speak the colonialists language. The global insurance market is starting to come off risk for coal mining companies. These companies will struggle and jobs will be lost, the whole coal mining industry is heading into a crisis. The impact on communities could be devasting because the ANC may not be able to handle this process well. So what do they need in return n why so much concerned about us when they know how corrupt is our government, and as voters ain't we have a right to reject that deal because now they're borrowing that money on our behalf of which it will be looted in one month?

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