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In photos| Top 3 Most Beautiful And Successful Part Of Venda that You Might Have never Seen Before


When you speak about venda, many people think it’s some sort of shanty village where people are living in dire poverty. However, that’s not the case. Venda is more advanced than many provinces in South Africa. To those who have been to Venda before, can support me when I say that in the next 5 years, Venda will be one of the most beautiful and developed places in South Africa.


So, in this article, I'm going to show you some of Venda's most beautiful and advanced villages. of the reasons why there are so many big houses in Venda is that Venda people still believe in unity. They haven’t adopted the modern culture whereby the moment you get married, you leave your home and reside somewhere else. They believe in family. Well, take a look at the following most beautiful villages in Venda:



1) Thohoyandou block G.


This is one of the most developed sections in Venda. It is situated next to the main shopping centre and not too far from the well-known Thavhani mall. Many people who reside on this side are well-known businessmen. When it comes to Block G, it is the most expensive area of the venda to get a stand from.People who stay there live a very lavish life, just like those who reside in Sandton.


2) Miluwani Unit C.

 This area is just next to block G. It is situated opposite to Sibasa, where the famous MGB Hotel is. The only bad thing about this village is that it becomes messy during the rainy days because it’s in a steep area.



3) Nzhelele Mamvuka.


This is the third best and most advanced village in Venda. It is located in the far north of Venda. Although it is not massively rich, people who live there live a standard life, as you can see by the beautiful big houses.


After looking at the above 3 villages, which one do you think is the most advanced? Which village do you think should be replaced or added to this list? Leave your comments below.

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