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Start a Piggery Farming

Before we understand and how to farming pigs let us look at how we benefit from pigs, below are few of the by products of a pigs


Pork is the most consumed meat in the world. Most people are worried on how safety is pork. Pork is safety when cooked properly at a recommended temperature. Besides visible fats.

Some pigs produce better pork than others

Below are few pigs that produces better pork than other pigs.

1. Large black pig

2. Duroc Pig

3. Chester white

4. Tamworth

5. Spotted pig


This is a type of pork that doesn't have fats. There is still a demand for more bacon in the world. There are pigs that produces better bacon than other. Know the right breed for bacon is a must if you want to get into a bacon business. Some of the pigs that are good for bacon

A. American Yorkshire

B. Landrace Big

C. Large black Pig

D. Berkshire

Medicine and drugs

Pig skin is used to make a leather

Sausages, polony, ribs

The are many other products comming from pigs

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