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“Massive Cash Out For All Unemployed South Africans,” As Sassa Sends Good News To Them.

The Department of Social Development says an aggregate of R140 369 138 has been handled, for the Early Childhood Development Employment Stimulus Relief Fund (ECD-ESRF) installments.

The office said in spite of the difficulties, it had the option to handle various clumps to regions for installment, which identifies with 8 087 ECD administrations and 33 533 representatives, individually, for a complete installment estimation of R140 369 138. 

The division said 28 283 applications were gotten from ECD administrations for 126 125 representatives, and after approval of workers, the number was decreased to 116 578. 

The division said various help instruments were set up, as a team with its accomplices, for arrangement of help to ECD administrations to address their data all together for the office to push ahead with handling of the applications for installment. 

"To help with the way toward making installments to ECD administrations that caught erroneous staff personality (ID) numbers, the office needed to audit its underlying arrangement of making just a single installment to an ECD administration, for all representatives to making incomplete installments to the ECD administration for workers, that have passed the ID check measure so the ECD administration gets some funding.

The department said it has removed the cap that was placed, where up to only four employees were going to be paid for ECD centres and only one employee was going to be paid for non-centre-based services.

“This means that ECD services that have passed all the necessary verifications will receive funding for all the employees that they applied for. The value of the payment for each employee is R4 186... This payment is directed to the employees of ECD services that have been applied for by the ECD service,” the department said.

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