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A company employee reportedly vanished after he was overpaid

 It is not a secret that the cost of living keeps rising .It is such that those who are working even wish they could receive pay rises on every payment day .What would you do if you received payment more than the one you anticipated? 

A story was issued regarding a Chilean man who accidentally got paid 286 times more than his ordinary salary in the month of May. It was cited that the man promised to return the cash which had been overpaid to him.However , he reportedly resigned and was nowhere to be seen as he just vanished .

The man reportedly an employee at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos, in Chile.A clerical error reportedly saw the company paying him 165 398 851 Chilean pesos , which is equivalent to R2.9 million . His usual salary was reported to be 500 000 pesos , which is equivalent to R8 918 .

It was reported that he had informed the relevant authorities of the overpayments before he suddenly vanished. 

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Chile.A Chilean Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos


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