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The petrol price is decreasing, but is it good or bad news for SA.

Over the past few years people have seen a significant rise in the petrol prices. With the price now sitting at over eighteen rand per a liter of standard fuel. This rise in price can be attributed to many things however it's mainly because of the economy diminishing. Even though a petrol price decrease was recently announced, it doesn't mean that it's good new or cause for drivers to celebrate. This is why.

The Petrol Price Decrease is not significant :

A decrease in petrol prices was recently announced to South Africa, however, while this may Sound like good news it really isn't. Below is a list of how much the prices will decrease.

As we can see the decrease are meager at best being a meer few cents. This doesn't really help the bottom line of South Africans trying to make ends meet. However what it does do is provide hope for the future. This is why.

The petrol price decrease is because the rand has strengthened against the Dollar. Making it essentially more valuable. Still the strengthening of the rand does show promise for South Africa, if the rand continues to strengthen we may see a significant drop in prices. However it won't just be fuel, it would be food and other things that we get internationally. However if it doesn't this will be the result.

If the rand doesn't strengthen and instead weakens, than the Petrol price will once again rise and so will everything else, making it harder for South Africans to live their lifestyles. As it stands we cannot know anything at this, we just have to wait and see. What do you think will happen, will the economy continue to improve or not, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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