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" Where did you get your phone " question asked after seeing this

People share everything these days on social media. Some post inorder to get approval, encouragement, ideas and support from the followers or group members. Even if it's like that, the people sometimes notice everything from a post.

The guy here posted a picture of his bedroom on a Facebook page called "Make your bedroom look beautiful ", people noticed something about the background and place that he is in and were in disbelief and started talking about it.

The guy is in prison, people were surprised to see such posted. They started asking questions about the situation. Are phones allowed in prison? His room is neat. Others said that it looks like he's having a good time there . They even spotted a remote and television on top of the table, how is that possible though when you in prison?

A prison is a state of confinement or captivity, a place of confinement especially for lawbreakers specifically for convicted of serious crimes.


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