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OPINION:When You haven't Done Your Chores

This is a very dangerous one not completely your task at all. Before your mother or father gets home. It can put you in a real kind of panic mood. Yet only when you tell your friends afterwards.

You will only see the humour afterwards. It will be like. You survived a great battle. By keeping yourself busy. As soon as the door opens.😂😂😂

Coming up with all kinds of excuses. Because you know that you going to get yelled at. Plus you will get the speech of your life.

It will be way too deep. The laughter will kill you real deep.

As long as it you can survive this part of life. You are a real legend do not forget that all.

The funny side of life.🤣🤣🤣🤣

So I hope you will find this part real funny. Even if it only hits you afterwards.

Stay safe and healthy.

Do not forget to laugh more.

Sources: Google and Pinterest

Content created and supplied by: Julliesjennilee (via Opera News )


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