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WhatsApp and this 2 social media apps are not working but here is what you can do so long

It has come to our attention that 3 of our used social media apps in the world are down, it's unfortunate that so far no one knows what's going The Associated Press has reported that the owners are aware of the problem and they are busy fixing it it it it, some people kept on restarting their phones, with the worry that their phones are not working, and it was even more worrying because they say they have full coverage of the network. In this kind of situation, people might say it's a network problem but no it's not true because the network is working just fine.

But people noticed that they are not alone as a lot more people are experiencing the same problem, but to their surprise, there is this one particular app that's working which is Twitter. Now that WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook it's not working today they will be forced to switch to that app.

It's alleged that some people decided to turn their backs from black twitter along time ago as they say it's toxic and full of bullies, but today it seems like they will be forced to switch back to it, as it seems like it's the only one that's working today.

But Twitter users are making fun of the people who are haven't been using it, and they are not giving them any break like they've been waiting for this day to come and they are making sure they will never forget this.

People started reacting after noticing that these apps are not working, and with their creativity, they made sure that Twitter owns the space and they did this by creating images, some people even said it's not that your phone is not working but it's time to call all those people you've been texting, or you can switch to Twitterr that's the only option you have for now because no one knows how long It will take for them to get back online.

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