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SRD Application Declined For " Self Exclusionary Response Found"? Here's What It Means.


Refused SRD Application Due to "Self Exclusionary Response Found" What I Mean Is This

The SRD SASSA award was initially set to expire in 2020, but was recently extended to 2023. While many have profited from and continue to benefit from the award, some think they have been wrongly denied funding.

Having other sources of income is the most prevalent reason for a grant application to be denied. However, a recent study discovered another factor contributing to persons being denied service: their own self-exclusionary response. Many people are seeking clarification regarding this decline's cause.

Inquiring mind "Bongeka" wanted to know the meaning behind SASSA's official page. According to Sassa's response, "The applicant is ineligible for the grant since they are currently receiving support of more than R350 per month or because they reside in a government facility, both of which are indicated on the application form. Customers are responsible for carefully reviewing the declaration and consent forms ".

When filling out the application for the award, applicants should exercise caution and pay close attention to the instructions. Grants could be at risk if they don't read their applications carefully first. Nonetheless, the least you can do when presented with such a problem is to appeal.

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