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3 most used tools in electronic music production.

Studio FL

Formerly known as Fruity Loops, this program has evolved from a humble sequencing utility to full-featured multitrack electronic music production software, which incorporates all of the basic tools needed to create music at home or in the studio.

It includes a large amount of virtual instruments, different samples and weird effects, which can stimulate your creativity and make producing your first beat a fun task.

Due to its relatively easy-to-use MIDI sequencer, even someone with little or no prior computer music experience can start playing with and composing a few basic rhythms.

FL Studio is one of the best deals for its considerably low price - equivalent programs are regularly sold for double its value.

 Logic Studio

 After becoming even more streamlined and user-friendly when Apple purchased the software, the Logic has retained its extensive audio processing feature set and added slightly more valuable apps to its already well-assembled package.

It comes with a huge range of loops, instruments and mastering tools, which allow it to be called a complete electronic music production software, which can be used to create your music from start to finish.

The multi-outlet function makes it fairly easy to record audio and MIDI, and the built-in virtual racks provide access to all commonly used sounds and instruments.

Logic is another reasonably priced software offering high value for its relatively low investment. The biggest limitation of Logic Studio is that it is only compatible with Mac OS X, which probably makes it the best choice for Apple users.

 Professional tools

As one of the most comprehensive and comprehensive tools for audio editing and mixing, Pro Tools offers superior sound quality and limitless possibilities.

At the same time, it is also the most expensive of the three. Until recently, this was hardware-limited software, meaning it could only be used by having a specific audio interface connected to your computer.

But the latest versions of Pro Tools have an open architecture, which allows it to be used without any hardware restrictions. As a result of this long-awaited transition, this electronic music production software has become just as portable as other digital audio workstations, now ideally suited for both studio setup and mixing of your projects on the go.

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