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Hard To Believe How Many Billions Zakerberg Lost Last night

Hard To Believe How Many Billions Zakerberg Lost Last night

Date: 2021/10/05

Hard to believe that Mark lost over 7 billion dollars just by Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp shutting down for more than 4 hours to some of its users, good analysts on Twitter said the money went straight to Twitter assuming all the users went off the bird platform trying to figure out what was going to the alternative site.

This is absolutely crazy that the stock market reacted so quickly to that loss after the company went through such big problems. They say the glitch was due to that the platforms use the same infrastructure, that is why they all went down right at the same time.

This could be an eye-opener for the US government and Facebook that there are individuals who are out there looking to break them apart for what they did with the misinformation and mass depression that is out there in the world of people who are trying to fit in. The company should start separating the infrastructure that carries the data.

This shows that are the big tech companies are flawed so is Jeff Bezos's Amazon and Elon Masks Tesla, they all use artificial intelligence which can be penetrated by outside forces to prove that their technologies are not flawless as they thought.

Tech is a hard breeding ground because it is going to be targeted by terrorists posing like government officials who are helping but will be actually not but killing millions of livelihoods, as we all know how people now depend on Social Media for the survival of their companies and brands such as celebrities and online companies that grew during the pandemic.

The company was reported to have plummeted more than 7% because of that glitch alone, now the Russians and China know how to break the united states down, the best way is to attack Facebook which is the head of the big dragon. 


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