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Ex General Manager of Facebook states facts that could harm The CEO of FACEBOOK


On Tuesday, everyone around the world was unable to access their Facebook or WhatsApp applications. There has been so many speculations whereby others were saying that The famous American singer Adele could have been the one who is behind this network crush as she was about to release an album.

The real reason why Facebook was not working According to facts news , is that the US lawmakers pounded Facebook, accusing CEO Mark Zuckerberg of pushing for higher profits while all this affects the safety of the individuals. Mark defended on his statement on Facebook to say that the accusations were deemed to be untrue and that as a company they always keep in mind of the safety of its customer . According to an ex employee on Marks company who has massive confidential files, she said Mark have always been on a lookout to make huge profits.

With that being said , the Us Lawmakers then demanded regulators to  investigate whistleblower accusations that the social media company harms children’s mental health. When the Facebook was shutdown, it was reported that Mark has lost over millions of Dollars. He might want to recover his monies by increasing prices again.

Although he is urging that they only getting profits through ads, whereby they customers always don’t want their content to be associated with harming contents, mark has ensured everyone that they are about promoting an honest social media platform and not what he is accused of .

Please share your thoughts here on HOTNEWS , let us know whether this is US people trying to make Mark look like a bad person or indeed Facebook is more expensive these days.

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