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It Was Not Necessary For Royal AM To Be Charged By PSL

Honestly there was nothing wrong did by shaun mkhize. It is not wrong to reward her players after they have made her happy. Every owner has a right to bless the players if that owner wants to. PSL shouldn't have charged royal am because nothing wrong was did by the royal am owner.

Mamkhize was just rewarding his players as the players were also happy to be rewarded. Mamkhize shouldn't have to be charged. It was her wish to reward her players and what she did was not wrong at all. They shouldn't have charged by the psl. It was very unnecessary.

Great things have to be appreciated as mamkhize was doing the same to the royal am players. It was unnecessary for royal am to be charged by psl. It seems like they don't have a right to celebrate their wins. It was not necessary for them to be charged for what they did.

Here is some of the picture where the players were rewarded hard cash.

Even the players seemd happy with the rewards they got. In that case it was not necessary for psl to charge mamkhize for this type of celebration she has done. Every team deserves to celebrate in any way they can.

Mamkhize did not deserved to be charged for what she has done. She was not wrong to reward her players after they hace made her happy with the win they got. She also felt it in her heart to reward them with hard cash.

Also rewarding them with hard cash maybe was to encourage them to keep on playing good. Some owners have their own ways of thanking their players. All in all it was not necessary for psl to charge mamkhize. She has done what pleases her players. It is not a crime to celebrate and reward her players.

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