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Facebook is changing its name to metaverse site

Mark announced that Facebook is changing its name to metaverse, saying now it's time to explore new things and new company. He announced that they will hire 10000 people who will be working on that new company around Europe.

The name change will affect the corporate entity that owns them, but not the platforms that company owns, including Whatsapp, Instagram, and the Facebook site. But the Facebook product will no longer be what the company is about, said CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

It was cleared that they now wants to go separate ways with WhatsApp, this is because of the problems that sometimes happen and affect both facebook and WhatsApp at the same time and now they are trying to avoid that by all means

It is not yet clear when will this effect going to start working but it will happen this year. Some people are worried and asking if now they will have to start new friends and if the free mode option will be available or not, surely all their questions and concerns will be answered and clears very soon.

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