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Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook are not working, what do we do?

At this point social media is almost the only way socialize especially during this trying time that we are going through right now across the world. We'll today a lot of people across the world were shocked to wake up to three of the biggest social media platforms not function.

There have been news telling users that the three social App Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook are down (04 September) , meaning that their website is down and not working, which led to a shutdown all across the world.

Vodacom has sent messages to users of these apps just to let them know that the situation is being assessed. The app seem to have been down from 14h00 GMT and some have even said that the apps have not been working for even longer than that.

A great deal of confusion has been left on the users of these apps. It is very frightening to see such an event unfold itself, when something happens worldwide it puts a lot of fear into people's lives and people right seem to be frightened by the situation.

The question on people's minds right now is what do we do, well, vodacom has told us that restarting our phones will not help since the issue is with the Apps and not the phones. Some people have even complained about their Wi-Fi not connecting, although we are not sure if this is connected to the Apps we can never know what has happed for sure.

Two of the biggest questions we should be asking at this point are, "is this issue going to be fixed soon" and "will it ever happen again", because this has set back a lot of people today especially those that use their social media to communicate with their families or even work from home rather.

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